We like to think every year should build on the previous one. If Project Blue Thumb was born in 2015, then 2016 was the year our fledgling network really began to take flight. We’ve gathered some of our favourite numbers and stories from the year to share with you. Also, we recap how far we’ve come versus where we are going. Please take this opportunity to explore how we’ve been building a water movement and amplifying voices across the Red Deer River watershed as part of Project Blue Thumb.

Download the PBT 2016 Year in Review.

Josée Methot

Josée is one part environmental scientist, one part process designer, and one part strategist. Her passion lies in approaching complex problems in the water-food-energy nexus from more than one angle. Josée is currently working as a watershed planner while also leading a social innovation lab to advance collaborative efforts to improve water quality in Central Alberta. She has an MSc. in Natural Resource Sciences from McGill University, and has worked on issues including climate change, food security, and place-making in local and international contexts. After moving back to Alberta in 2014, Josée is now focused on accelerating social innovation in the water sector to support long-term watershed health.

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